Diesel Promotional Products LLC

My name is Melanie Peyton.  My husband, Matt, and I have personally built this brand from the ground up and we have a passion for what Diesel Promos stands behind. It is our mission to build something that supports YOU in what YOU'RE passionate about! No matter your budget, Diesel Promos exists to help you get beautiful, sustainable, creative promotions that will FUEL YOUR BRAND on your road to success.


(yeah, that's our buzz-word)

A sustainable product is one that:

Is good for our planet and the human and environmental family that inhabit it
Is beautiful and useful so that it will get used and not thrown away


We are a local Arizona shop which is proudly family owned, financed and operated. We are not fueled by a bunch of suits or some magical money tree (although we ARE fueled by a crazy team of ultra-creative, t-shirt-wearing geniuses...oh and coffee...lots of coffee). We will be the first to admit that we are not always the cheapest resource but we are also



not the most expensive.Does this matter? For some, yes! But we are about quality and quality is what you pay for. So not only are you supporting a unique idea, but you're helping an idea grow. Don't let the small size fool you! For a small team, we pump out a large number of custom products, which ship all over the place!


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